Live Stream Sofa Session - Saturday 27. February 2021, 7PM CET

One year ago, just before the pandemic hit, I was invited by my good friend Coby Grant on her 'Small Tits, Big Dreams Tour' - A tour name that certainly received a lot of attention!!! 

Needless to say, the tour was a huge success and an absolute pleasure to be involved in. It had been so long since I had had company on the road, and touring with Coby was a hoot! Hilarious car rides on the way to each show, amazing performances with brilliant audiences. 90% of the shows were sold out so the atmosphere in the room was always electric! We played 8 shows in total all around Germany as well as a show in Austria! 

Every night I joined Coby on stage to accompany her on guitar and to sing harmonies, I also had the opportunity to warm up the crowd for 30 minutes before we hit the stage together. An absolute treat! 

Little did we know that the pandemic would hit directly after the tour finished and live music would cease to exist.. at least for quite some time. As a result, Coby decided to fly back  to her home town of Perth in Western Australia  to ride out the lockdown. It is here that she has recorded a few videos for us on this weeks show, including a Jaimi Faulkner Cover version in the reoccurring segment 'cover corner!' 

So tune in this Saturday 27. February 2021, 7pm CET for the last 'Live Stream Sofa Session' for a while.

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