New Single | This Masquerade | Out Now!

It's release day folks! Today my new single 'This Masquerade' is released to the world! It's my first release in over 3 years and I'm very excited to share it with you.

'This Masquerade' explores the theme of self reflection. It can be so easy to simply coast through life without truly reflecting on who you are or better yet, who you want to become. During the pandemic, like a lot of us, I was forced to stop and stand still. The busy, hectic life I had previously known was put on hold. In this moment I found myself looking back on my life, reflecting on my choices and asking myself the question, 'will I continue on the path I've been travelling or will I start anew?'

'This Masquerade' is by far the most intimate song on my forthcoming album 'Allen Keys & Broken Bits' (due for release 2022) - it was recorded around a single stereo microphone! Live! No overdubs. Just me, my voice and my old Gibson J50.

I hope you connect to this song! Let me know in the comments section below! 





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