New Single | Catch Me If You Can | Out Now!

It's Release Day! It's with great pride that I can finally say that my latest single 'Catch Me If You Can' is released today - Friday 19th November 2021!!  

The song was the last written days before our recording date at the Tresorfabrik Tonstudio in Duisburg. I was looking for a song that was a little darker sounding to complete the feel of the album and after messing about with a little repetitive chord sequence the song 'Catch Me If You Can' was born! It's most definitely a tune that leans heavily on my love of backing vocals and gospel sounds.

'Catch Me If You Can' is the lead single from my upcoming album 'Allen Keys & Broken Bits'. The song features Luuk Adams (Drums), Judith Renkema (Bass), Leon Den Engelsen (Keys) and the fabulous backing vocals of Robin van Veen & Sanne Groefsema. 

Mixed and Mastered by David Manton | Artwork by Jonathan Conda | Video and Graphic Design by Andreas Heller

A little blurb about the track:

‘When I became a father, I became much more aware of life's cycle and intern, my own mortality.’ Says Faulkner. In his new single, ‘Catch me if you can’ Faulkner explores the theme of the afterlife by begging the question 'when I'm gone, will you take me by the hand? When I’m gone, will I reach the promised land?’ 

The single, which is perhaps the darkest lyrically that Faulkner has written to date, also takes a departure sonically from his traditional sound. 

‘When I approach a new song, I always write with vocal harmonies in mind, however on this particular occasion I wanted the song to feature not just a few harmonies but a huge gospel choir.’ 

The Choir that is featured during the chorus is in stark contrast to the intimacy of Faulkner’s raspy voice and rough blues guitar in the verses. The Gospel Church sound of the Choir pairs perfectly with the theme of the afterlife and a higher power. 

‘Catch Me If You Can’ will is released on ‘Make My Day Records’.

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