1. 9929 Miles

From the recording Back Road

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9929 Miles
Lyrics & Music - Jaimi Faulkner

When the basil on your windowsills given up the ghost
And the skyline looks eery in this light
People in metal boxes skimming over tv towers
Are they flying home for Christmas?
Are they starting a new life?

I been there before
Seems like many moons ago
That I once took a chance on love
But that ended up so cold, with a refrigerator note
Saying I’m always gonna love you but I’m leaving you tonight

It’s all that I can do to hold myself together
I know its gonna take a little while
When your broke down and your freezing
That lover you’ve been seeing
Is slowly putting in between you 9929 miles

I find solace in my solitude, solace in my songs
After a while they just stink of desperation
The poetry is gone, I find shelter from the storm
Find myself tired and worn out, heaped up on the floor

I need a little sunlight
These winter months are long
And the darkness keeps leading me astray
Yeah my housemates leaving me cups of coffee by the door saying
If you make it through December it’s all gonna be ok

I take a walk down to down town Kreuzberg
But I can't stand the people and their smiles
When the very thing thats keeping, keeping me from laughing is the thought of a mere 9929 miles

Sure ‘nough the Winter thaws right through and so do these old blues
Just like life nothing lasts forever
So I pick up off the floor and start thinking maybe there is more
To this ol’ life than I’d given credit to.

I guess I came to grips with all my mess ups and my slips
I’m in Kreuzberg again playing me a song
It’s just another night where I am underneath these lights
Least down here, I can do no wrong

I’m in another place and I wouldn’t wish it different but sometime I stop dead for a while
What if I’d made the journey to see what waited for me at the other end of those 9929 miles.