From the recording Back Road

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All My Hope Is Gone
Lyrics & Music - Jaimi Faulkner

Lord it’s wrong to prey on the needy
How I hope that I am never one
That loses touch with the souls that surround me
I got my feet in the dirt
I get my heat from the sun

And I know there’s a heartless among us
how it pains me to hear of the despair
Men in high places gonna talk of peace through violence
Fuelling enemies with weapons
As they strip each other bare

And I hope that peace will find us
Even if I'm the only one
And I try, I try, to look towards the sky
But I fear that today, all my hope it is gone

Tell me Jesus where can I find the answers?
Up on the hillsides or in the valleys below?
None of our leaders take heed of the warnings
Together we gonna gather and rise up as one

Life is more sacred than the dollar
Fighting for freedom we’ll pay a cost
Oh and I try, I try to look towards the sky
but i fear that today all my hope it is gone