1. It Ain't Easy

From the recording Up All Night

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IT AIN'T EASY (J.Faulkner/D.Anania)

Came in from out of town
My hope was up my luck was down
In the city I saw a chance
That I could grab with my two hands
This land of opportunity
It’s all you hear, its all you read
The road to joy and liberty
It was build for them, not for me
Once a proud man,  I stand
a pan handle in my hand

It ain't Easy
It ain't Easy
It ain't Easy

I used to greet the day
With the light that the good Lord gave
As the heat of the midday sun
Beats down on Madison
Six hours might pay the way
For a meal and a place to stay
Flop house ain’t all it seems
Just a house full of broken dreams 
No matter how hard I try
Good fortune marches by

It Ain't Easy 

If Summer weren’t bad enough
Winter gonna roll around
In the bitter cold
Winter be the death of me
I aint got nothing on my back
But this world can’t you see? 

In this world that we both share
Met with disdainful stares
You don’t know from where I’ve come
Yet you look at me like im no one
When kindness looks me in the eye
That’s the faith keeping me alive

It Ain't Easy