1. Dublin Girl

From the recording All I Can

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Dublin Girl
J. Faulkner

Wake up little Dublin girl
Daylights on the rise
The calling of the morning birds
Bring childhood back to mind
How I’d hide being the statues in the drive
And my mother would sing me fast asleep with her softest lullabies

Get dressed my little Dublin girl
Ill take you fir a ride
On the windy where the Eucalypts
The hug that road in tight
Where the sky is clear
There’s a twinkling in the night
If you stare up at it for long enough
You might make a wish tonight

Get set my little Dublin girl
Everything’s alright
Well the road is long
If we hold on strong
Keep good things in our sights
Oh we’ll be the ones telling tales of how we fell in love that night
And how the distance kept us close
Kept us burning bright