1. All I Can

From the recording All I Can

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All I Can
J. Faulkner

Thought I wrote it down
When I did
Turns out that last night
The words didn’t flow
So I stored them away
Well, I walk across the hall
Turn out the last light
The dark it plays with me
How it plays with me

This page is my release
I write as I feel
I breathe as I need
And I fear as I fear
Will I drop all I own next to you beside the floor
Curl into a ball
Create a new world once more

Well now, If I awake
It’s just time when I do
It's gonna hurt a little less
I’m hoping it to
And whenever I kneel
Cross paths or release
Write to you
A new piece

Well I pour out to you all I can now
pour out to you all I feel now
pour out to you all I can now

All I can