From the recording Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

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Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Come on, baby, come on
We got so much to live for honey
Or so they say
Ain’t that right?
Not from where I lie tonight

Hold one, baby, hold on
Two fools digging for gold
No we ain’t stopped all day
It’s dark and I want out
Oh it’s getting dark and I want out

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

You ain’t put a foot wrong
That’d hold up in court
If the stench it weren’t so strong
Turn heads from a mile away
Clear to me as the light of day

Water welling in your eye
Wrong again, unloading on you my worried mind
I ain’t cried since I was a child
Suck it up till it is out of sight


My head is throbbing, oh it’s breaking in two now
I look to you but you look away
I’m blacking out and I can’t come to now
I cannot deal I’ve got nothing to say