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This Masquerade

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This Masquerade

In the light
I’m a freak
I am broken beyond belief
I’m a plagiarising, low life, beggar man, thief

I’m a fool for you
I’m alone
And It takes two
I’m damned if I don’t
I’m damned if I do

Oh Oh Oh

Haven’t you heard?
They broke the speed of sound today
For what it’s worth
I’ve long been giving it away
And I’ll walk the road I’ve paved
Till judgement day
This masquerade

There’s a chance once in life
Take in breath or take flight
Take an eye for eye
But that just don’t feel right

It’s a long road to peace
Rewinding yesteryears
That will only serve to sinking further down deep

Oh Oh Oh


Oh Oh Oh

There’s no time for disbelief
There’s a heart on my sleeve
I am so far gone from where I want to be