1. Burning Love

From the recording Allen Keys & Broken Bits

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Burning Love

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Burning Love
J. Faulkner / D. Mescall

How was I supposed to walk away
When my heart had already decided to stay?
How’s a man supposed to draw the line
When he’s passed that point at least a thousand times?

Oh a love like this
It’s gonna leave its scars
That I already know, since we’ve come this far
And I can’t rest, ‘cause it terrifies
The very thought that you could up and change your mind

Even if it's just for a minute
What I wouldn’t give just for a day
Girl you take me right to the limits
Burning Love

Oh a woman like you, you don’t compromise
For a woman like you I would stand in line
On everybody’s lips, you’re the talk of the town
And it’s all I can do just to ever track you down


How many times I gotta prove to you?
How many things that you have gone and put me through?
Why don’t you tell me what you’re looking for?
Trust your intuition, I could give you so much more.