1. High Time

From the recording Allen Keys & Broken Bits

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High Time

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High Time
J. Faulkner / J. Schröder

Ain’t it sweet
To chase the horizon
Trying to get higher
With every breath you breathe?

Shy away
You pay no attention
Pay no mind to redemption
When you’ve everything that you need

And there ain’t no use to hold your feet to the fire
‘Cause nothing good has ever came from it

Oh don’t you think it high time?
High time that we let you know this free ride
Is only gonna get you so far

Oh we kneel
Send our thoughts and prayers
Tell me where is your faith now?
Is it enough to believe?

And will Freedom
Once the storm
Blows on by
By us all
Will it find it’s place back into our hearts and our souls?

If there was ever a time
to hold your feet to the fire
‘Cause we cant simply walk away from this