1. Wildfire

From the recording Allen Keys & Broken Bits

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Oh dear child
I pray for something better than we can give unto you
Anything is better than this
But ignorance is bliss
We played into blood red hands
Of a grinning man
Who took the stand to govern for the few

Oh dear sirs
Please know that we have noted your concerns
Sit back
Find comfort in these automated words
You can rest assured
We are doing all that we can
God Almighty’s plan
Sending thoughts and prayers
personalised for you

Wild fires are burning my home to the ground
We’re on the wrong side of history now
All that we’ve fought for
Is being drowned out
We’re on the wrong side of history

Full moon harvest
Water from the stream to quench our thirst
A time when we walked hand in hand upon the Earth
Till someone got in first
And decided to lay the plans
To shake the hands
To frack and dam
To mine and to pollute