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All Roads Lead To Rome

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All Roads Lead To Rome
J. Faulkner

Sometimes you’re waiting on the phone to ring
Sometimes you don’t pick up at all
Sometimes the winter seems to have no end
Then Spring shines bright upon your door

Sometimes I’m wrestling for the both of us
Sometime I win, sometimes I fold
I never was that good at opening up
At least that’s what I have been told

You dreamt I once got down on bended knee
The ring I thought of buying, sold
Is it enough that you don’t have these things?
When you’ve got me, to have to hold

Sometimes, you don’t care to talk about
The weight you carry is a heavy load
You’d rather sit until it wears away
Until that sorrow overflows

Sometimes I do not know what day it is
For me the nights have always called
It’s times like these I lose track of everything
And I retreat within these walls

Sometimes I’m so torn up in anger
I want to use my words to hurt
That ball of anger sits heavy on my chest
I feel my heart it will implode

But now it ain’t just about the two of us
And we ain’t never stood so tall
Sometimes we cannot help but get it right
Sometimes, all roads they lead to Rome