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Catch Me If You Can

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Catch Me If You Can

I was tired, strung up and lonely
Holed on up inside for weeks
I was struggling with direction
Allen keys and broken bits
I called up for some assistance
But they put me straight on hold
They assured I was important
But I didn’t fit the mould

When I go
Lord catch me if you can
When I’m gone
Will I reach the promised land?
When I go
Will you take me by the hand?
When I go
Lord catch me if you can

I went searching for some answers
But I failed to understand
You couldn’t show your inner workings
Tell me did you have a plan?
They spoke of all your greatness
Like a God that walked the halls
They’re selling direct lines to Jesus
But he as yet ain’t heard my call


Catch me, Catch me if you can
Catch me, Catch me if you can

All the times missing in action
Half assed gifts or one off calls
All the milestones and the moments
The ups, the downs, the rise, the falls
I barely made your acquaintance
Before you swam out from the shore
Left me stranded holding on to hope
Trying to make sense of it all